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Adopt Our Society aims in local areas - become Our Society places

Facilitate the Our Society aim online and offline, working across and bringing together people from different perspectives, from community activists to strategic decision makers

The aim is to provide spaces and activities where people can:
• share their stories and struggles as they see them
• be inspired by their peers’ successes and achievements
• keep a record of good work that may be lost through spending cuts
• highlight the ‘forgotten society’ of those left behind in an unequal nation
• make connections with others who are engaged in related activities
• learn from others’ experiences
• ask for help or advice
• support those who are isolated or under pressure
• meet up
• share expertise and offer valued services
• explore new opportunities
• lay the foundations for new approaches to social action

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  • John Popham commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Big Society has 4 (or 3) Vanguards. With the honourable exception of Eden (see http://johnpopham.wordpress.com/2010/11/06/eden-big-society-information-exchange/) nobody in the outside world seems to know anything about what is being done in the Vanguard areas in the name of Big Society. We know more about what is going on in Tahrir Square in Cairo than in the Big Society Vanguards.

    We invite areas to follow Dudley's lead in adopting the Our Society approach and principles of Social Action, Honest Exchange, and Grounded Learning. We need grassroots organisations working together, sharing experiences, and reaching out to the rest of the community.

    We invite areas to join us as Our Society Vanguards. There is no limit on how may there can be. Our Society Vanguards celebrate community activity, join people together, and build true platforms for collaboration. They will use online platforms and social media to build collaborative networks, they will train community activists to organise, report and celebrate local activity; and they will report on and share their progress.

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